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At ServStream

We excel in delivering comprehensive engineering design and consultancy services to a diverse clientele, including both public and private sectors.

Our unwavering commitment lies in nurturing enduring partnerships with each of our clients. By fostering strong, long-term relationships, we gain an in-depth understanding of their unique needs and requirements. This deep insight is the cornerstone of our approach, enabling us to execute projects with unparalleled efficiency and effectiveness. As a result, we minimize design timelines, reduce construction-related delays, and ultimately optimize costs for our valued clients.

Construction Project Management:

Our Project Construction Management service offers comprehensive oversight and coordination of all aspects of your construction project. We ensure efficient scheduling, budget management, quality control, and timely delivery.

Structural Engineering Services:

Servstream’s Structural Engineering expertise covers the design and analysis of load-bearing structures. Our experienced team ensures the structural integrity and safety of your building or infrastructure project.

Civil Engineering Solutions:

Our Civil Engineering services encompass the planning, design, and management of infrastructure projects. We specialize in optimizing site development, transportation, and utilities to meet your project’s needs.

Structural Surveys and Reports:

Servstream provides detailed Structural Surveys and Reports to assess the condition and stability of existing structures. We offer insights and recommendations for maintenance, renovations, or repairs.

Planning Application Services:

We assist in the complex process of preparing and submitting Planning Applications. Our team ensures compliance with regulations and liaises with authorities to secure approvals for your projects.

Client Representation Services:

Servstream acts as dedicated Client Representatives, advocating for your interests throughout the project lifecycle. We bridge the gap between you and the project team, ensuring transparency and success.

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Rory McSwiney BE CEng MIEI – Director

Rory is a Chartered Engineer and a Trinity College Dublin graduate who has operated as a Project Manager and Engineer on a wide portfolio of industrial, commercial and residential projects thought-out Ireland, the United States, and Australia. 


Neil McSwiney BE MSc DIC MIEI – Civil/Structural Engineer

Neil holds a Masters in Structural Engineering from Imperial College London and honours degree in Civil, Structural & Environmental Engineering from University College Cork. Neil has gained extensive experience in civil, structural, and architectural design as well as project management on multiple industrial and commercial projects across Ireland and the UK.