Structural Surveys FAQs

Structural Report & Survey

Structural surveys, also known as pre-purchase surveys or building surveys, are essential assessments conducted by potential property buyers to evaluate the condition of a building’s structure before purchasing it. Here are some frequently asked questions (FAQs) related to structural surveys or pre-purchase surveys:

What is a structural survey, and why is it necessary?

A structural survey is a comprehensive inspection of a property’s structural integrity and overall condition. It is essential to identify potential issues and understand the property’s state before buying it.


When should I get a structural survey done?

It’s advisable to conduct a structural survey before finalizing a property purchase. It provides valuable information that can influence your decision and negotiations.


Who typically conducts a structural survey?

Structural surveys are typically carried out by qualified and experienced chartered surveyors or structural engineers.


What does a structural survey cover?

A structural survey assesses the condition of a property’s structural elements, including the foundation, walls, roof, floors, and other key components. It also looks for signs of defects, such as cracks, dampness, or subsidence.


How long does a structural survey take?

The duration of a structural survey depends on the size and complexity of the property. On average, it can take a few hours to a full day to complete.


How much does a structural survey cost?

The cost of a structural survey varies depending on the location, size, and type of property. Typically for a domestic property, a survey will cost between €400 – €500


Will a structural survey uncover all issues with the property?

While a structural survey is comprehensive, it may not reveal hidden or concealed issues. It’s essential to discuss the scope of the survey with the surveyor and consider additional specialist inspections if necessary.


What happens if the survey reveals problems with the property?

If issues are identified, you can use the survey report to negotiate with the seller. You may request repairs, a reduction in the purchase price, or decide to walk away from the deal if the problems are significant.


Are structural surveys required by law?

Structural surveys are not legally required in most places, but they are highly recommended to protect your investment and ensure you are aware of any potential issues.


Can I use the survey report for insurance purposes?

While a structural survey can help you identify potential issues, it may not serve as a substitute for specific insurance policies. You may need separate insurance coverage for structural defects or issues that arise after the purchase.


How long is a structural survey report valid?

The validity of a structural survey report can vary, but it’s generally considered current for a reasonable period. It’s a good practice to get a recent survey when purchasing a property, especially if significant time has passed since the last inspection.


Can I attend the structural survey?

It’s often a good idea to attend the survey with the surveyor to discuss any findings in real-time and ask questions.

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